Gracefully Broken

Over the past decade, I have been through my share of heartbreaks and disappointments. From dating guys that took me for granted, to letting go of toxic friendships. It's safe to say that the road has not been easy. At the age of 19, I experienced my first abusive relationship. This was by far one of the lowest points of my life, and out of fear and shame, I kept it a secret. After the abuse, I struggled for years with self-esteem issues and knowing my self-worth.

From Self-Confidence to God-fidence!

I must be honest. I don’t always feel confident and I venture to believe that I am not the only person who feels this way. In the spirit of self-love this past February, I explored my personal journey to confidence. Funny enough all my journeys begin with a dictionary! What is self-confidence anyway? Confidence is To believe in oneself, in one’s powers and abilities ( I don’t know about you, but don’t always trust in or believe myself (Insert: “Oh yea, I will definitely exercise every day this week!”). The point is that what we really want is confidence in God and not in ourselves. As many of my friends say, let’s call it God-fidence!

She Who Believes...Seeks!

By: Jennifer Uwanaka

Potential. We all desire it. We all want others to see that in us. What really makes someone have potential? Is it their educational background? Or maybe their family upbringing. These are the questions that have been stirring in my mind lately.  I have been wondering who are the individuals who get the most opportunities?  I often tell myself, it must be the ones who believed they had potential and then sought out resources.

Winning Nevertheless

Every day people are placed or faced with an undesirable situation that changes their lives. Many of these situations occur based on their decisions; however, some of these situations occur totally out of their control. Whether it’s their fault or not, they—and we—can still overcome the current situation, nevertheless.

Single women with children are faced with many different challenges in raising their families on their own. Why they are in this situation can be the result of a variety of reasons. Single moms in many cases have stigmas attached to them. 

Let it Go

As I was driving to a choir rehearsal I decided to turn off the music and listen to silence. It's always good to quiet our thoughts and give God a chance to say something. My Pastor, Dr.Mike Freeman of Spirit of Faith Ministries (Quick shout out lol) says that God shouldn't have to wake you up in the middle of the night just to talk to you! He should have full access to our lives as well as our attention; anywhere and at any time. Something I've had to learn as I've grown in my relationship with God is that he is always speaking! The question is have I positioned myself to hear him? Most of us have heard the quote "One word from God will change your life" So, I gave God an opportunity to explore, question and challenge my thoughts.

Sick Secrets

"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death."

Revelations 12:11

I will open with a quote from author of “The Shack”, Paul Young,

“We are as sick as the secrets we keep”.

Think about that for a moment. What are you keeping inside of you? What is in the deepest dark part of you that you haven’t delved into yet? What secrets have you buried so deep that you are afraid to reveal? Even to God?

Be Free

"You’ve reached the height of your life when you become free. I’m not talking about your civil rights…I’m talking about freedom in your spirit…your MIND!! When you reach a place in life where you divorce yourself from the opinions of others and the only thing that matters is the all mighty one!! GOD IS THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS TO TELL ME WHO I AM!! HE IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. We get so boggled down by what everyone else is going to think we start to second guess the very ideas and dreams GOD has given us. Oh it’s just me?

Quick story…."