I Don't Hear You!!!

Have you ever had someone speaking to you, but they were so negative? You knew when they spoke they were just feeding you a bunch of lies? So, you chose not to even hear them anymore?

Well I have experienced that on more than one occasion. Feels like every day almost.  

I have a great enemy in my life and his name is Satan (we all do). He is full of negativity and lies and he is not to be trusted.

He is the father of deceit and nothing good can come from allowing him to speak to you.

He has told me many lies about myself and I use to be at a place where I believed every one of them. During that time when he would talk I would listen.

Satan is like that no good friend in your life who’s only job is to make you feel bad about yourself.

And I did, my childhood and teenage years, I didn’t like being me. I didn’t like who I was and I would constantly wish I was living someone else’s life because I didn’t like mine.

Then when I became an adult I had to discover who I was. I had no clue and I didn’t think I had a purpose in this life.

My life was filled with so much brokenness that I didn’t know what it was like to be truly happy.

When certain relationships would end with guys that I thought I would marry, Satan would tell me that I wasn’t lovable, that I wasn’t enough for them, that I meant nothing.

But as I grew closer and closer to God I learned who to listen to and who not to listen to. It took some time and it’s still a process when it comes to tuning out the negative thoughts and lies that the enemy tries to feed me.

But I know now that God sees me as everything I thought I wasn’t, lovable, beautiful, important, enough. God whispers those words of comfort to me. He reminds of who I am. He reminds me why I am. His love for me is endless and I constantly strive to see myself through His eyes.

So, if you’re at that place where you’re being fed a bunch of lies about who you are, choose not to listen to them.

Satan will probably never stop trying to tell you lies about yourself. But that’s ok, you can just choose to ignore him. Don’t let him define you or validate who you are.

It’s like my husband says, “Satan is nothing but a bully that always loses.”

He only wants to distract you from who you really are, because if he can do that, you lose sight of your purpose and calling that God has for your life. Satan knows that a woman who is confident in Christ and who she is, is unstoppable.

Don’t let Satan bombard your mind with negative thinking about yourself. Know who you are, love who you are.

Just start saying to him, “I don’t hear you” and start listening for God’s voice. A good way to diminish the voice of Satan is by transforming your mind by renewing it daily in God’s Word (Romans 12:2). The more that you commune with God the more you’ll find out about You. God’s word is the only validation you’ll ever need.

Don’t allow anyone to devalue who you are. You are important to God and you are loved by Him. He knows you inside and out. Let Him show you, You. Let Him show you who He has created you to be.


Stay Affirmed!


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