I used to hate getting scars on my body. Anytime I would scratch myself or get a cut somewhere I knew it would leave a scar behind, and I didn’t like it.  I still don’t like scars very much, but I’ve come to appreciate them.

One of my favorite songs is by a Christian contemporary singer name Mandisa. My favorite album of hers is called “Overcomer” and she has a song on the album called, “What Scars Are For.” When I heard this song for the first time, I ended up putting it on repeat. This song takes me in every time I listen to it. I think about everything I’ve been through and most of all what God has brought me through.

I have been broken, I have been wounded and I have been scarred, but I’ve come to realized that scars are just reminders of what use to be. Some of the lyrics in Mandisa’s song are this, “They teach me that my brokenness is something you can use. They show me where I’ve been and that I’m not there anymore.” 

When I was feeling those things, broken, wounded and scarred, I never saw it as something that God could use. I use to wonder why I had to go through so much pain. What was the purpose of it all?

But then as Mandisa song went on she talked about someone else who was broken, wounded and scarred. That person happened to be Jesus. She sings, “I see it on the cross, the nails you took for me. Scars can change the world; scars can set me free.”

Every time I hear those lyrics of the song I visualize Jesus Christ on the cross with the nails in His hands and his feet. Then I feel this gratitude of Christ love for me. He was on that cross for you and for me. He was wounded, scarred, bruised and broken because of His love for you and me.

So when I think about my scars I remember the holes in Jesus' hands and His feet after His resurrection. They were His scars. Those scars remind us all of what Jesus went through. Those scars remind us why Jesus went through what He went through. They show us His purpose. They show us how those scars changed the world.

The devil thought he could send people in my life to abuse me to get me off God’s intended course and purpose for my life. But what the devil meant for evil God has turned it around for my good.

You see my scars have a purpose behind them. My scars will help someone else to overcome their scars one day.

I don’t wonder why I went through what I went through anymore. I don’t wonder about the purpose behind it. Although those years were the lowest parts of my life, I can see clearly now why it was that I had to go through it. Because God can use your brokenness to change the world and I’m so glad that I allowed him to use mine.

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