Be Free


You’ve reached the height of your life when you become free. I’m not talking about your civil rights…I’m talking about freedom in your spirit…your MIND!! When you reach a place in life where you divorce yourself from the opinions of others and the only thing that matters is the all mighty one!! GOD IS THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS TO TELL ME WHO I AM!! HE IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. We get so boggled down by what everyone else is going to think we start to second guess the very ideas and dreams GOD has given us. Oh it’s just me?

Quick story….

I used to work at this one retail store that was just expanding its brand. It was quite amazing to see it all come together and to be a part of the process! Working here was exciting for me because I had just figured out I wanted to do something in retail, I just didn’t know what. GOD confirmed my purpose in retail by telling me to open my own store and look y’all...I did not grow up with FASHION in my heart! Music and poetry was always something I thought I was going to be doing. I had high hopes of being a writer/producer as a teenager. Nevertheless, God had a different plan! It was out of the ordinary for me too.  So of course, my first thought was “GOD YOU PLAYING RIGHT? Not me!” He of course confirmed it by having someone come into the store and he prophesied this same word. I mean this was a complete stranger to me but yeah, God was like no BOO, this all you! Well anyway while working there my joy quickly became misery. I had just become serious about my walk and I was getting to know God like never before so my light was shining bright. Well people at the store used to joke and make fun of me and say I was still a virgin (I was not and let’s be clear I should not have been upset about this title anyway!!) They used to say stuff like she probably can’t even dance. Then on top of that my store manager HATED ME!! The type of hate she had for me was unreal. She was so petty! Every single day it was something new! I don’t have enough time to tell you all the rumors and snide comments she used to say about me but one day something went wrong in the store. She called me up to the stock room away from everyone else and CURSED ME OUT. She tapped into every insecurity that I had at the time from my relationship with my father to me not being a good manager and employee. Like basically tore into me like never before. I wasn’t nothing and I wasn’t important. It was ridiculous. She legit called me everything but a child of God. I know y’all reading this like …OH BUT YOU CURSED HER BACK OUT RIGHT. NOPE, I was so broken and damaged already.  I basically flipped out inside my mind and thought about how stupid I would be if I reacted because who was going to pay my bills. I just convinced my best friend to move all the way from Indiana to VA with me. How would it look if I let her down because she can’t pay the full rent by herself? My siblings are watching me. They think I have it all together. How is it going to look if I don’t? My ex-boyfriend can’t see me slipping.  I basically had a panic attack when she finished going in on me. The devil immediately came in to CONFIRM HIS truth AND it basically left me damaged!!

Well when you don’t know the word and you haven’t spent enough time in God the devil can come in and paralyze you through your thoughts. Locking you up in your mind!!! But what if I told you the KEY is already on the inside of you. The amazing thing about God is He KNEW, He CHOSE you!! Before you were even formed in your mother’s womb, He knew that he would need you for THIS time. (Jeremiah 1:5) He already knew what you were going to become and he already knew what you were going to go through so he EQUIPPED you with everything you need. It’s already on the inside of you!! You just haven’t tapped into it yet. How do you get access you say?? Well first if you haven’t already, you need to confess Jesus as your lord and savior! Roman 10:9 says... "because if you acknowledge and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord [recognizing His power, authority, and majesty as God], and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved."  Then find you a Pastor! Find a church that is going to continue to help you develop in your faith! If you're in the DMV you have no excuse, there is a church on every corner but may I recommend my church SPIRIT OF FAITH CHRISTIAN CENTER!! I have the best PASTORS EVER!! Shout out to Pastor Mike and Dr. Dee Dee Freeman. Also, shout out to Minister Brelyn Bowman and Pastor Kevin over our young adult Echo service! The word of God is life changing no matter where you decide to attend church! It will set you FREE and FREE is what you’re meant to be!

LISTEN, you are GOD’s CHOSEN individual. He HANDPICKED you for a time such as this! So, don’t let your thoughts or people’s opinion hold you captive. BE FREE! BE CHOSEN!

Love always!

Ashley Lachea’




Ashley Bondon

is the owner and visionary of M.E. Boutiq and Chosen Tees. Her vision and goal is to use the fashion retail industry as a gateway to empower women to discover their purpose and to be confident in who they are in GOD.

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