Let it Go



By: Eden Willams

As I was driving to a choir rehearsal I decided to turn off the music and listen to silence. It's always good to quiet our thoughts and give God a chance to say something. My Pastor, Dr.Mike Freeman of Spirit of Faith Ministries (Quick shout out lol) says that God shouldn't have to wake you up in the middle of the night just to talk to you! He should have full access to our lives as well as our attention; anywhere and at any time. Something I've had to learn as I've grown in my relationship with God is that he is always speaking! The question is have I positioned myself to hear him? Most of us have heard the quote "One word from God will change your life" So, I gave God an opportunity to explore, question and challenge my thoughts.

He and I began to converse on the very real, and very important topic of my hair. Yes, I was talking to Thee Almighty and powerful God about my hair! I mean the way I see it, God isn't a genie in a bottle only good for granting our requests. He's not only my Father but he's the "Big Homie"!

"Aye G, I reeaallyy wanna cut my hair but at the same time, I reeaallyy don't. What should I do? Cut it or keep growing it?"

For anyone that truly knows me understands this is a regular issue that I deal with LITERALLY every month!  And if I'm being totally honest with myself it's an everyday question.

I have been trying to fully grow my hair out from its pixie cut since 2012. The conflict of loving short hair as well as long hair is more of a problem than some would think! The length that my hair currently is, is the longest it's been in a LONG time! But the itch to cut it all off again became STRONGER! 

"Eden," God says with a sigh. "Why are we back to this again?! If you would just allow your hair to grow instead of cutting it because you had an itch to, your hair would grow! Stop asking me. Just let it go so it can grow!"

"Uhhh...well okay then God," I thought, and with a slightly mocking tone I answered "I guess I'm going to 'let it go so it can grow'. " 

As I continued down 95 South, I kept replaying what God had said to me in what seemed to be a loving yet frustrating voice. Let it go so it can grow. I started to think back to when I was a child and I had a boo-boo on my knee from falling off my bike. As the scratch began to scab over, I would take off the Band-Aid and continue to pick at it. Eventually, I had irritated the sore so much that I would have to re-disinfect the wound and put another Band-Aid on it. Starting the process all over again and prolonging the completion of my healing! 

Sometimes we do the same thing in our lives with our past hurt and offenses. We tell ourselves over and over again that we're "over it and we are moving on" only to find ourselves reopening that old wound of hurt, disappointment or offense that was almost completely healed! If we hadn't disrupted our healing process we would have been totally free from whatever it was that had once caused us pain or some sort of confliction! "Ohhhh!! I get it now God! Let it GO so it can GROW!" See, my homie is real deep without even trying! That's why he's God!

When we make the decision to not go back or remain stagnant in hurt, we are growing! We're moving forward and not turning back! With any progression, there is bound to be growth! Whether it's a cancerous growth or a positive, forward-moving growth! 

We put no attention to what once caused us pain and focus on the prize of total healing and RESTORATION! Whatever was lost during our moment of pain God will restore! Just like I had to allow my skin to heal and my hair to grow, we have to allow God to do his thing and restore us from the inside out! God is renovating our hearts and making them new so that we can continue to grow!

 So my challenge to you is to let go of that relationship that was actually hurting you instead of helping you. Let go of all the cares and worries that keep you in a state of frustration or stress! Let go of every offense that you've secretly held onto in your heart! Why? Because you're reopening a wound God is trying to heal! In order to grow you have to let it go!!

Eden Williams


Eden Williams

Eden made the decision to follow Christ at the early age of 19. Although, while being the daughter of assistant Pastors Eden experienced the normal teenage pressures of life! She's experienced heartache, pain, negative peer pressure, and other socially awkward instances. But regardless of all of that, she was able to keep her virginity and still hold on to the positive morals instilled in her at an early age. When she finally fully gave her life to Christ, was she then able to experience the favor of God. Currently, Eden is the Office manager of an Optometrist Office while also being in the process of creating her first album. She also is currently serving on the choir at her church Spirit of Faith Ministries. She has had the opportunity to do motivational speaking at a young women's event, as well as giving the word on a Sunday morning at Renewed Life Ministries lead by Pastor Tyon Horne! Loving the Lord God with all her heart, all of her mind and all of her strength is her number one heart's desire!

Connect with her on social media: Instagram: @excusemyfly_  and Facebook:  @Eden Williams

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