Winning Nevertheless


Every day people are placed or faced with an undesirable situation that changes their lives. Many of these situations occur based on their decisions; however, some of these situations occur totally out of their control. Whether it’s their fault or not, they—and we—can still overcome the current situation, nevertheless.

Single women with children are faced with many different challenges in raising their families on their own. Why they are in this situation can be the result of a variety of reasons. Single moms in many cases have stigmas attached to them. These stigmas may come from outside agitators or from their own inner thoughts about themselves. Although you may find yourself in such a situation, you can still Be Cute for You.

You may be a single mom because of divorce, being a widow, having a child out of wedlock, or being the victim of unwanted sex. These situations can attack the mind and create a negative mindset that can challenge your dreams. Learning how to combat these attacks is necessary to your well-being. Most of these attacks are design to overpower you with fear. Take comfort, though, because God assures you:

Don’t be afraid. I am with you. Don’t tremble with fear. I am your God. I will make you strong, as I protect you with my arm and give you victories (Isaiah 41:10 CEV).

Learning how to Be Cute for You along with addressing your current situation keeps you from becoming complacent. Aspiring to be the best version of yourself for yourself is a powerful answer to any feeling that may be hindering you from being successful. Challenge yourself to wanting the best—and your self-worth will explode. Keep talking about your dreams every day until you make them a reality. Make being cute for you contagious and push yourself to grow in it every single day.

-      Excerpt from the book "Be Cute For You"….Aspire To Be The Best Version Of Yourself For Yourself

By Tracey Smith

Many times we feel like quitting and throwing in the towel. We ask ourselves questions like, why stay in the race? Does it matter anyway? And, Will my life ever be on top? I certainly understand and have asked myself those same questions. Winning is all about having laser vision. When everything around you is falling apart, you must tell yourself, this will not be my ending. When the odds are stacked against you, it’s time to call on JESUS, sit back and enjoy the battle. You must see yourself WINNING in every battle and challenge that threatens your destiny. Don’t ever settle for just getting by or breaking even. You must position yourself to defeat and overtake every challenge in your life.  I don’t care how you started out or what your situation is, you too can start a new beginning and chapter in your life. God loves when we call on Him to fix our situations. When we believe in Him and His love towards us, His blessings, miracles, and favor will fall upon us.

Keep loving, trusting and believing in God and you will soon see your WINNING season appear.


Tracey Smith

Tracey Smith has the drive and desire to reach out and connect with her audience about discovering their inner beauty and self-worth. She’s very passionate about assisting anyone who’s tackling or being faced with low self-esteem and self-worth issues. Tracey loves to share her testimony about her own inner-self issues and how she overcame them through her love for God. She clearly connects with her audience on how to discover their self-worth and inner beauty through the process of seeking God. Tracey profoundly speaks to her readers and audiences about understanding how to recognize what real beauty is. She believes everyone’s purpose can be revealed by way of faith and trust in God. As she distinctly speaks on the importance of knowing self-worth, she gently challenges her readers and audiences to reevaluate their thinking about what self-beauty is. Tracey truly believes that there’s a beautiful inner person in everyone waiting to be discovered and introduced to the world. Tracey’s book “Be Cute for You” is a declaration to inspire self-confidence. Be Cute for You signifies the importance of self-beauty, self-worth, and self-respect. In today’s society where vanity thrives, this message was created to shift the focus from pride and arrogance to healthy self-esteem where people value themselves for who they are and motivate them to strive to be the best version of themselves. Tracey has written another acclaimed book titled Heaven’s Playground—New Beginnings Can Sometimes Be Disguised as Painful Endings. In this sweet and personal story, Tracey tenderly shares the grieving challenges she went through after her beloved four-year-old daughter, Trezoree, died of leukemia. In this book, Tracey reveals the reality that Heaven is real and there is life after death. Tracey inspires and encourages her readers to look past their grief of losing a loved one and look to God for restoration and a day of new beginnings. Tracey is a loving wife and devoted mother of two awesome sons. She constantly challenges everyone around her to dream big and become the best versions of themselves for themselves.

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