our founder

Evelena Dawson is a woman of many unique gifts and talents. Originally from New Jersey, she is the oldest of ten children. Having endured a difficult childhood and adolescence of sexual abuse, she is living proof that negative circumstances don’t have to become insurmountable obstacles. Moving to Maryland with her husband in 2009, Evelena was determined to fulfill her God-given purpose.  

With a heart for those who have been hurt and abused, Evelena founded Affirmed, an organization dedicated to empowering women to find their identities in Christ and encourage themselves.  Evelena is passionate about the taboo issues that women face daily, such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, and low self-esteem.  As a mother to a young daughter, Evelena’s desire for young women to know their worth and value is personal.    

A fan of all things beautiful, Evelena’s skillset spans from drawing and designing to hair styling.  However, each gift contributes to her primary purpose – to empower women to identify and understand who God created them to be.  As an active partner of Spirit of Faith Christian Center, Evelena serves in the Queens in Transition mentoring program where she acts as a leader in the lives of developing young women.

Mindful that her story and experiences are for the benefit of women like herself, Evelena is in the process of completing her first manuscript. As her story unfolds, she remains open to the path on which God has placed her and is excited about “dying empty” as she fulfills her purpose.